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~ Filthy ~

Yeah right!
Go back to where you came from
don't take my kindness for weakness bitch please go home
your worthless for real
bitch please go home
no doubt you've been around
that's why they say your fucking

your fucking filthy

Let's say I will
what the fuck you gonna do?
I make statements with every single move
yo chill let me just say your welcome
I think it's time we let you in on the program

When I open the door you say thank you
think of all the dead people happy to replace you
you filthy cunt
I think you need a read through
the way of life clearly isn't what they teach you!

When I combine what I have learned from you
I realize the torment is what I choose
Is it wrong to live with this hate in me?
I lie awake just wishing for your secret
Can you tell me?


You can't just take it all and never give
you won't get shit bitch
fuck you, fuck that!

You take take take it all but you never give a thing back to this world
You can't just take take take
You let the mind be fooled by the eye!

Your fucking Filthy
That's why they say your fucking
Your fucking Filthy
Your fucking
That's why they say your fucking filthy


from Illusions, track released April 11, 2014



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Tempting Fate Los Angeles, California

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